About Holbox

Holbox is a small island northeast of the Yucatán peninsula. Near here, the waters of the Gulf meet the Caribbean.

Its name, in Yucatan’s Maya, means “black hole”.

The island is 2 kilometer wide and 40 km. Long, but only 6 of them are urbanized. But even in this urban area, the streets are of white sand and there are no cars. The most common means of transport are bicycles and golf carts.

Holbox is part of the biosphere reserve and Flora and Fauna Protection Area Yum Balam, a shelter for lots of species, many of them endangered. Great part of its beauty resides in the preserved nature.

Holbox has the most amicable people. Its residents are mainly fishermen, though now many of them have started to work with tourism and thus share the beauty of their island.

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