A Unique Happy New Year in Holbox

VIP Holbox team would like to wish you a very beautiful and happy 2016. It was an exceptional year for us and we thank all our customers and fans, but also our families and friends, for these incredible moments.

Celebrate in a unique way

You’ve probably already planned to celebrate and you have everything planned for this memorable evening ahead. That is why we have no suggestion of places to dine or to party tonight. But we would like to invite you to live the New Year’s Eve in a very unique way.

Holbox was originally founded by a few families. Obviously, they widened over time and the flows of newcomers formed this mosaic of culture that makes its beauty. On special occasions, the tradition is that people Diners tuck in a group, with family or friends to celebrate and share a meal.

This year, after eating and celebrate the new year, rather than returning to your room, why do not you go on an adventure in Holbox sandy streets in search of a New Year’s Eve genuine. You certainly already know that Holboxenos have the sense of celebration. So do not hesitate to greet them and wish them a Happy New Year. With any luck, you will be invited to have a drink with them or even to share the meal.

Bring with you your favorite alcohol and sharing a moment you will not soon forget. And if luck is not with you, you will definitely find a place to party until the early hours of the morning or you could simply return to your hotel a little lighter after this little walk health.

We wish you the best of luck in your journey and we hope you can live a Holbox Moment. These simple moments of pleasure that makes this island Treasures of the Caribbean.

Happy New Year to all from all Holbox VIP Experience team.


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Credit: Made in Holbox Photography

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