The Blonde Abroad visited Holbox

The Blonde Abroad visited Holbox and she chose VIP Holbox to try to find the whale sharks. Unfortunately, it was too early in the season and they didn’t show up. This is not uncommon during the first or last days of the season and we are always honest about it and talk to our clients about the real odds, so they can take an informed decision. Of course, there are always the lucky ones that find them for the first time in the year.
However, although whale sharks are the big star of this tour, there are plenty of sea animals and birds during the journey (dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles, pelicans, flamingos), and awesome beaches where to relax, what makes the tour amazing nevertheless (The Blonde Abroad confirms, as many TripAdvisor’s reviews) as long as you travel with the right guides and captains.


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