Carnival is a liberating act



Almost all year round is summer in Holbox, this little dreamy island between the Mexican Gulf and Caribbean. Almost all year round, this sand bank fulfills the dreams of people desperately escaping from below zero temperatures and others in search of gorgeousness. Holbox is a special place. It’s a Protected Area that hosts a great biodiversity. A Mayan land painted in a fanciful blue and splendid sunsets. With a sea that hosts flamingos, dolphins and, if you go a little further, huge whale sharks. Holbox is special. It is not just because of its beauty, but its vibe. Different from other destinations in Yucatán, Holbox is still a charming little town. When you come to the island, you can really get close to it. The “local” feeling hasn’t disappeared among 5th Avenues and all-inclusive resorts. People walk barefoot, eat the catch of the day, and join to see the sunset and contemplate the moon after a long day.


Almost all year round is summer in Holbox. Except from Carnival. Carnival is better.


As Octavio Paz has explained:


Carnaval Holbox 4“The solitary Mexican loves fiestas and public gatherings. Any occasion for getting together will serve, any pretext to stop the flow of time and commemorate men and events with festivals and ceremonies. We are a ritual people, and this characteristic enriches both our imaginations and our sensibilities, which are equally sharp and alert. The art of the fiesta has been debased almost everywhere else, but not in Mexico. There are few places in the world where it is possible to take part in a spectacle like our great religious fiestas with their violent primary colors, their bizarre costumes and dances, their fireworks and ceremonies and their inexhaustible welter of surprises: the fruit, candy, toys and other objects sold on these days in the plazas and open-air markets”.

Carnival is a liberating act. It’s a subversion party, a reversal ritual, in which social roles are reversed and norms about desired behavior are suspended. Carnival is dancing, and singing and drinking and laughing and partying. Carnival is freedom. And Holbox lives Carnival at its fullest.


Carnaval Holbox 2


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