Those beautiful long-legged pink birds

You’ll be tickled pink when you see the flock of flamboyant, pink-feathered birds that visit the Holbox from April to October.
Some interesting facts about this gracious animal:

  • They are very strong and sturdy flyers and their top speed can reach up to 35 miles per hour.
  • A flamingo can sit down by bending its legs backwards.
  • Despite being pretty tall, flamingos are proficient swimmers. However, they cannot swim in shallow water.
  • Interestingly, flamingos rest and sleep on one leg to conserve energy and maintain their body temperature.
  • Flamingo chicks are born gray or white and take up to three years to reach their mature pink, orange or red
  • The feeding process of a flamingo is very interesting. It stirs water with its feet, buries its entire head and bill upside down in water and sucks up both mud and water. It then moves its head from side to side to extract plankton, small fish and fly larva from water and mud.

You can find them around Holbox island. Maybe you have to walk a little bit, or get up earlier than you were hoping, but it’s totally worth it. Just try to see them from a distant and don’t disturb them, so they feel comfortable to keep coming back.

flamingos holbox

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