Discover Holbox

A remote Mexican island off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, where you can enjoy the waters of the Mexican Gulf and Caribbean.



Holbox offers a journey of discovery: A rich history, a warm and welcoming island, delicious cuisine, countless activities and some of the most beautiful landscapes in Mexico.

What does Holbox mean?

Its name in Mayan means “black hole”.

Where is it located?

Holbox is located 165 km northeast of Cancun, just ten kilometers off the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, right where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean Sea.

What is its size?

The island is 2 km wide and 40 km long, but only 6 km of these are populated.

What can you expect?

Its inhabitants are carefree and friendly people who mostly live from fishing and tourism.

Here you can immerse yourself in the rich and colorful culture, meet the locals, explore the pristine white sand beaches and enjoy the calm crystal waters.

What are the most famous tourist attractions?

Tour among the mangroves and their surroundings, snorkel and fishing in Cabo Catoche, swimming with the majestic whale shark and bioluminescence.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your time here, Holbox’s uniqueness and authenticity will capture your heart and imagination.

A journey to remember forever.

Currency and Banks

It is advisable to always carry cash on Holbox as this is the prefered payment method across many accommodation providers and services such as taxis.

Cash is also required for artisanal shopping and food stalls in the main square.

All major foreign currencies can be exchanged in Holbox. Although visitors may find the exchange rates are poor, we recommend travelers currency exchange before arriving at Holbox.

International visitors can use credit cards at ATMs, but must have a PIN to withdraw cash.

Note – ATMs do not have cash all the time.

It is possible that a transaction fee is applied when withdrawing cash.

As in any country, cash and credit cards should not be left unattended.

Our currency: Mexican Peso


BBVA ATM. Where the mayor’s office is located, in front of the square.
Porfirio Diaz and Whale Shark

Banco CI (with ATM).
In Tiburón Ballena, between Cortés and Kuká


WARM climate all year round

The sea temperature is normally 20 degrees, which makes it perfect for swimming and snorkeling all year round.

Holbox is located 1 meter above sea level.

Summer does see a good amount of rain, while winter is mostly dry.

The climate in Holbox has an average annual temperature of 26.1 °C | 78.9 °F. Approximately 688 mm | 27.1 inches of precipitation falls annually.

Approximately 688 mm | 27,1 inches of anual rain


Telephone and Internet

International traveler

If you don’t have an international roaming plan for your mobile phone, you may find that buying a prepaid local SIM card is the best way to make sure you can use your mobile phone on Holbox.

SIM cards are available in Holbox, Cancun and Merida International Airport and most tourist spots, you can also recharge your SIM card in most convenience stores or online.

Holbox’s main telecommunications provider is Telcel which offers wide coverage.

Emergency Services


For ambulance, police or fire services, dial 911

Police: +52 984 309 4773

If you are involved in an emergency, let your accommodation provider or any nearby locals who can contact emergency services.

Like any tropical zone, Holbox does have tropical storms and cyclones.

Normally your accommodation will inform you of dangerous weather. Always take care, especially if you’re heading alone for an activity in the water.

Island Protocols

Holbox is part of Yum Balam., a protected natural area since 1994. Where is located, a series of coastal ecosystems that are a powerful weapon against climate change.

VIP Holbox is committed to the environment and community. We invite our peers, partners, clients and guests to be equally responsible so that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy our paradise.

For this reason, we would like to share with you some suggestions when visiting:

Avoid buying, using or bringing disposable / foam portable fridges (coolers) to our island.

Live a unique experience: enjoy Holbox on a bicycle. Avoid the use of motorized vehicles, if you rent a golf cart respect the indicated roads.

Carefully read the informative signs around the island and respect the nesting sites; remember that we are in a protected nature reserve.

Refrain from using all kinds of disposable plastics such as straws, plastic bags, cups, etc.

Use biodegradable sun creams and tanning lotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private transporte is the safest and most comfortable Transportation VIP Holbox We pick you up in any place of the Yucatan peninsula and your preferred time.

Other options:

  • Planes direct to Holbox aerodrome
  • Shuttle : Shared shuttle, It is a trip that you can share with other travelers although comfort is not guaranteed the price is economical.
  • ADO Bus –
  • By car, if you travel by car, you can leave in Chiquilá, where there are many parking lots price per day $ 50 pesos for 12 hours or $100 for approximately 24 hours.

Once in Chiquilá, take a ferry.

Recommended companies

Same price, they leave alternately every half hour.

Approximate prices of ferry Chiquila _Holbox

  • Tourists adults and children taller than 120cm $220 pesos
  • Minor Tourists (Up to 120cm high) $160 pesos
  • Tourist Senior INAMAMP $120 pesos
  • Residents Quintana Roo (with valid credential) $180 pesos
  • Minor Residents Quintana Roo (with valid credential) $100 pesos
  • Local Adult (with municipal credential of Lázaro Cárdenas) $80 pesos
  • Local Minor $30 pesos

Daily trips:

  • Students, teachers and workers of Lázaro Cárdenas. $30 pesos
  • Infants: 0-2 years FREE

It’s approximately two hours by car from Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

From Merida, it’s about 4 hours.

January February March April May June ​​July August September October November December
Average temperature (°C) 23.2 24 25 26.4 27.4 27.6 28.3 28.3 27.6 26.5 24.9 24
Min. Temperature (°C) 21.1 21.5 22.2 23.3 24.5 25.2 25.5 25.7 25.4 24.5 22.9 22
Max Temperature (°C) 26.4 27.8 29.2 30.9 31.6 31.3 32.1 32.1 31 29.4 27.7 27.1
Precipitation (mm) 39 26 24 25 43 84 54 69 115 115 54 40
Humidity(%) 72% 70% 68% 68% 71% 78% 76% 76% 80% 77% 73% 74%
Rainy days (days) 6 4 4 3 5 10 9 11 15 13 7 6
Sun hours (hours) 7.0 7.9 8.8 9.5 10.3 10.4 10.6 10.2 9.4 8.3 7.5 7.1

Visit the following link to learn about the most recent information:

Yes, and is important to wear protection, either long sleeve clothing or repellent. The mosquitoes appear mostly during the sunrise and sunset times. And in the less urban areas. Going to see the sunset in a remote area without insect repellent is not a good idea.

In addition to our tours:

  • Enjoy the wide variety of local cuisine (from small local places, to food of the highest level)
  • Get to the beach.
  • Go to a beach club.
  • Walk along the sandbars to the northwest of the island to the river (please do not go beyond the sign because it is a restricted area).
  • Enjoy the moon and the stars. Check the calendar for star showers. See bioluminescence.
  • Explore the murals of Holbox.
  • Enjoy the town and the people.

While there are some tourist places that accept dollars, it is always best to carry Mexican pesos. In Holbox, places that accept dollars usually have poor exchange rates. There are also currency exchange businesses, but the rate is not the best.

More and more businesses accept credit card, but they’re still a minority and sometimes there’s a commission fee. (at VIP Holbox Experience we accept card with no fees). There are two ATMs, one in front of the zócalo, where the Mayor’s Office is, and the other on the Main Street, Tiburon Ballena, in the CI Bank. However, keep in mind that ATMs run out of money and can take days to be refilled.

Holbox is a small island and you can walk almost everywhere If you want to explore, the ideal way is a bicycle. Is important to remember that the bike must not go into the sea under any circumstance. In the rainy season, cycling can be tricky in some areas.

If you can’t walk or bike, the island has golf cart taxis. They charge by fare, best to ask in advance how much your trip will be. At this time, due to covid regulations, only three people can travel per ride, which includes the driver.

If you have any mobility issues, you can rent a golf cart.

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