Holbox: A place to disconnect and relax

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Holbox, Punta Mosquito, Banco de arena

Can you imagine waking up on a small island paradise, surrounded by miles and miles of knee-deep water, virgin white sand beaches and turquoise sea? That is Holbox, a place for people who want to enjoy nature, relax and disconnect.

5 interesting facts about Holbox

  • Holbox was a hideout for pirates who were in search of fresh water and treasures, later it became an island of fishermen, whose multigenerational families put down deep roots.
  • His name says it all; Holbox in Mayan means “black hole” and is pronounced hol-BOSH, very ad hoc with the vibe, don’t you think?
  • With an extensive fauna and flora, preserved by the community, Holbox is home to several species of endangered birds, iguanas, crabs, incredible fish, manta rays and different marine creatures.
  • The whale shark is the island’s main attraction.
  • During the darkest nights, Holbox is famous for its bioluminescent plankton, a natural phenomenon of organisms in the sea that glow when shaken.

Food 3 dishes you must eat

Holbox may be a small island, but it is excellent in the kitchen; With a good variety of cafes, restaurants and bars, Holbox offers you the best of Mexican food, for all types of palates.

As a fishing village, it is essential to eat seafood of the day and in season.

  • The most famous dish on the island is lobster pizza.
  • Holbox is known for its fish ceviches.
  • Grilled fish and lobster.

Holbox, Fish fried on a stove.

Interesting activities to do in Holbox and its surroundings.

Walking around the island: It is the easiest way to explore the island, you can find:

Artisan shops, art galleries, restaurants and the famous town square, where people gather to relax, listen to music and dance.

If you want to cover more ground in a faster way, you can rent a bike, the island is approximately 26 miles long, so it is very easy to enjoy a good walk.

Tours that we recommend.

  • Classic 3 island tour: if you don’t have much time on the island, this is a wonderful tour and also the most popular. It lasts around 3-4 hours and you will visit: Isla de Los Pájaros, Isla de la Pasión and Yalahau, a freshwater cenote that, according to legend, was used by pirates as a water supply.
  • Cabo Catoche: If you have time, this is an incredible tour full of adventures. Generally it is a little more than half a day, you will travel a little further to fish and snorkel in one of the nearby reefs. You will likely see tropical fish, sea turtles, stingrays, and even reef sharks.
  • Kayak: A great way to explore the island’s surroundings and the mangroves.
  • Tradicional fishing: One of the most popular activities in Holbox, it is an excellent way to relax with your family or friends outdoors, and learn a few things about the environment at the same time.
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